Across the globe, public institutions are racing just to keep pace with unparalleled technological advances and social change.

In leveraging the unprecedented opportunity for societal benefit, our responses must be informed by humanity and wisdom as much as by technology. 

In justice and corrections, partnering with innovative, experienced organisations who understand the sector and share common social objectives is critical. 

Ventia is that partner.

Why Ventia?

Ventia – one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest providers of infrastructure, logistics and ancillary services – offers a suite of intel-led corrections services focused on innovation, cultural safety, welfare and sustainability. 

Our decades of experience and focus on client outcomes and innovation enable us to deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions.  

Our corrections services are fully scalable and customisable and can be integrated with other Ventia services to provide an end-to-end solution. 

Because we are based here, we understand local requirements – and you can reach us when you need us. 

Our commitment to diversity ensures our services are not only culturally safe but provide employment, training and social opportunities for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Island, Māori and Pasifika peoples.

Our justice and corrections services
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