Air quality is important to the health and wellbeing of all in our community, and is a major priority for many of our clients.

Our air monitoring teams measure the concentration of a range of emissions including dust, volatile organic compounds and restricted atmosphere parameters such as O2, NOx, H2S, LEL, CO, and CO2. Our clients come from a range of industries from transport to construction. They know they can rely on us for accurate data based on the best technology and systems available.

Closed systems

Our transport clients need air monitoring across road and tunnel networks, to check that vehicle emissions are kept at safe levels for motorists. They also need to know that when this air is cycled into the external environment it’s filtered and released in line with environmental regulations.

Within buildings we use air monitoring to assess ventilation levels, making sure air conditioning and ventilation systems are running safely and efficiently.

Remediation and environmental services

We also conduct air monitoring as part of our remediation and wider environmental services for a variety of clients. We assess each of our remediation projects for possible air and odour emissions and design air quality monitoring programs to ensure the health and wellbeing of people on-site and in the neighbouring community. These include details of the time and frequency of monitoring in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Our air quality monitoring programs also include mitigation measures:

  • minimising exposed surface area of chemical substances
  • timing works to coincide with favourable weather conditions
  • treatment and complete enclosure of the areas of excavation.

We're committed to consulting the local community about potential health risks, informing them of mitigation measures being taken and keeping them up-to-date on all air monitoring results.

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