Aqua-Pipe is changing the future of water main renewal in Australia. It is a fully structural, trenchless, water main rehabilitation lining technology, exclusively designed for drinking water reticulation networks.

Along with our traditional methods of lift and relay, pipe bursting and horizontal directional drilling (HDD,) Ventia is proud to have the exclusive licence to Aqua-Pipe and to be delivering it to the Australian market – helping our clients maintain and renew the water infrastructure so vital to our community.

Traditional open cut replacement is costly and disruptive to road surfaces and to traffic. This system minimises disruption and is a quick, cost-effective alternative solution for the renewal of water mains that are reaching the end of their serviceable life expectancy.

Aqua-Pipe provides a trenchless, fully structural, Class 4 solution with a design life of 50 years. It does not rely on the host pipe for its structural integrity. Aqua-Pipe uses the CIPP (cured-in-place-pipe) method to rehabilitate existing water mains. In short, it lines the walls of an existing pipe with a composite reinforced pipe. A mechanical robot plugs, and later re-instates the connections to the pipe.

The benefits of trenchless technology for water main rehabilitation are:

  • substantial savings
  • pipeline can be rehabilitated while in place
  • no loss of water supply for the rehabilitated area (minimal disruption of water supply via a temporary by-pass system)
  • minimal disruption of the area (services and traffic) as only small excavation pits are used to access the pipe
  • facilitates the overall cleanliness of the project, as opposed to the excavation of an entire road section     
  • Aqua-Pipe is a perfect option for the renewal of asbestos cement water mains as well as being suitable for cast iron, PVC and other existing main materials
  • individual water services do not have to be excavated
  • due to trenchless installation, future deterioration of road bed and pavement are minimised.

For each kilometer of renewed pipe, Aqua-Pipe reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) by 234 tons or 84% compared to traditional open cut replacement. These quantities do not include GHG savings due to other impacts such as traffic detours and increased vehicle idling that are often a result of using the traditional open-cut replacement.


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