When dealing with an issue as potentially dangerous as asbestos, you need a partner you can trust. A partner with a reliable and experienced team of experts on hand.

Our expert team includes Class A and Class B licenced asbestos removalists, licenced asbestos assessors and certified occupational hygienists. They focus on risk management to protect employees and the community and ensure projects are completed successfully.

The team works across Australia on projects of all sizes under varied conditions to remove and dispose of all forms of asbestos, across many industries.

Using our broad experience, we deliver the highest quality assurance and hold strong relationships with authorities and government to cost-effectively and safely manage asbestos containing material (ACM).

As asbestos was used extensively throughout Australia until the 1980s, ACM is still widely present today. Asbestos fibres present a risk when they are released into the environment as a result of breakage, excavation, scraping, grinding or drilling. Often property owners are not aware that ACM is present until it is disturbed. The discovery can delay projects, lead to unexpected costs and pose a risk to employees and the community.

Our asbestos management services are designed to meet individual client needs while minimising risks, limiting the impact on property users and maximising cost-effectiveness. Our innovative technology-driven solutions are backed by extensive experience in remediation, environmental monitoring and occupational health and hygiene.

Innovative solutions to manage risk and reduce cost of asbestos removal

We use the most up to date equipment and removal techniques to help our clients navigate complexities once they discover ACM on their site. Although ACM doesn’t present a risk to human health if it’s maintained in a good and stable condition with a regular inspection program, the risks are very high when it is disturbed. Therefore, there are strict legislative compliance and licensing restrictions, and most ACM must be removed by licenced personnel.

Our services include:

  • Class A and Class B licenced asbestos supervision
  • Class A and Class B licenced asbestos removal
  • asbestos-in-soil remediation
  • large portfolio management including call-out maintenance and removal systems
  • technical advice for asbestos management and removal practices  
  • tailored asbestos awareness training for staff and subcontractors
  • community consultation and engagement  
  • property assessment, asbestos identification, register preparation and ongoing management
  • asbestos occupational hygiene services including air monitoring and personal exposure monitoring
  • responsive removal service for illegal dumping
  • licenced waste transport and disposal.

Rehabilitating land for the traditional owners

A legacy of 120 years as a maritime, communications and defence site had left a remote area on the western side of Darwin’s Harbour with pockets of contamination, including asbestos, pesticides, heavy metals and polychlorinated biphenyls. We were engaged by the Commonwealth Government to remediate the soil using thermal treatment and chemical immobilisation, and to construct a 30,000m3 containment cell to safely store thermally treated soil as well as asbestos from across the site. Once completed, the remediated land was handed back to the traditional owners, the Larrakia people, providing them with access to their ancestral land and waters.

Former vehicle stores facility fit for future development

Ventia remediated the 50-hectare Banyo Defence Vehicle Depot in less than three months; well ahead of schedule and within budget. The project scope included:

  • removing 20,000 tonnes of contaminated soil, including 6,000 tonnes with asbestos contamination
  • demolition of 100,000m2 of concrete slabs
  • removal of four large underground storage tanks and numerous waste pits.
  • Our successful remediation of the former Department of Defence vehicle stores facility will allow future residential and light industrial redevelopment.
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