Managing critical public and private assets and infrastructure at the end of their lifecycle is just as important as maintaining them throughout it.

As part of our 'cradle to grave' asset lifecycle capability, our Asset Closure Services (ACS) team supports clients through end-of-life planning and project management, optimising these assets even at their final stages.

Our highly qualified team of operational and technical experts provide strong, local and national expertise, delivering specialised and technical services to our clients.

What we do

Our ACS team’s capabilities include:

  • strategic planning and management
  • cost planning and estimating
  • asset closure planning for care and maintenance
  • procurement strategy management
  • risk matrix evaluation management
  • hazmat materials management
  • waste stream and logistics assessment
  • asset recovery strategy and assessment.

We have also delivered some of Australia's largest remediation projects with large-scale asset closure requirements.

Our capabilities can be applied to a broad range of asset closure projects including:

  • demolition of buildings and structures
  • minor dismantling packages
  • decommissioning plant and equipment
  • land remediation
  • asset relocation.

How we do it

Our unique blend of operational experience and technical knowledge ensures our asset closure management projects are completed safely and cost effectively while maximising the value of the asset.

We work collaboratively with our clients to help them navigate the complex decision-making around asset closure, including rapidly changing product markets, material prices, equipment value and legislation.

Whether it's end-of-facility total closure or the decommissioning or a single piece of redundant plant; we use our six phase end-to-end asset closure project management process to evaluate and select the best option when considering either full or partial closure of assets.

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