CCTV allows us to monitor assets, capture real-time views of traffic, and inspect underground infrastructure. Using CCTV is another example of choosing the best technology for the job.

Intelligent transport systems

In our operations and control rooms  we watch live-streams of traffic movements thanks to CCTV. We can see any disruption to the flow of traffic and can therefore alert our incident response teams when required. Once an incident response team has been dispatched, we can continually keep them up to date. We can also see when it is necessary to alert emergency services and other authorities.

We frequently use Black Moth – a vehicle mounted CCTV and visual data capture system – to support real time data from site both for incident management and asset condition capture. These are mounted on inspection and works vehicles in our Stewardship Maintenance Contract for Sydney South Road Network in NSW. 

Mains renewal and water monitoring

CCTV is also invaluable for inspecting underground pipes, and groundwater bores. It allows us to visually identify any integrity issues with the pipe or bore structure, determining the exact nature of an issue and its location, rather than relying on imprecise non-visual indications. So, whether there’s a blockage, damaged or parted casing or sediment ingress we're able to determine the best possible fix, potentially avoiding redrilling and saving any unnecessary cost.

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