At Ventia we provide our clients with open, proactive and effective community and stakeholder engagement. Our specialist team delivers opportunities for public input that meet the needs of diverse communities. We believe that quality communication, early notification about our works and managing community expectations are imperative to delivering successful projects. We value authentic engagement as an integral part of outstanding delivery.

Engaging authentically with stakeholders enables us to tailor our schedule of works to deliver beneficial project outcomes with minimal disruption to surrounding communities. Our specialist knowledge of risk communication ensures our public education programs present complex environmental and health-related information simply and efficiently to best meet the needs of each stakeholder group.

We can be relied upon to complete the most challenging of remediation projects in a manner that protects the environment and is sensitive to political and community concerns.

What we do

  • consult the community at all stages to ensure that issues and concerns are considered
  • inform the community of all off-site impacts and project progress to build awareness and understanding
  • engage the local community through meetings, newsletters, websites and other community initiatives. For example at Macdonaldtown Gasworks Remediation we ran tree planting workshops with local schools
  • organise community open days, presentations and site tours.
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