Using the latest in thermal desorption and stabilisation technologies, the SUEZ Ventia Contaminated Soil Processing Facility in Victoria offers a comprehensive solution for the treatment and immobilisation of contaminated soils, protecting the health of the community and minimising impact on the environment.

The facility provides a state-of the-art, complete resource recovery and management solution for contaminated soils, using thermal desorption technology and stabilisation to treat both organic and inorganic soils. It is the only facility in Australia to treat and immobilise all contaminated wastes on-site without producing residues.

What happens to organic contaminants?

Thermals desorption uses heat to vaporise organic contaminants into a gas stream. The soil is converted into clean fill and can be beneficially reused. The gas stream is treated to convert the organic contaminants into steam and Carbon Dioxide, as well as simple salts that are blended back in with the soil.

What happens to inorganic contaminants?

Stabilisation immobilises inorganic contaminants by mixing binding agents (such as cement and lime) in with the soil to prevent leaching. The stabilised end-product ends up at the SUEZ’s smart cell®., directly adjacent to the Contaminated Soil Processing Facility

Key features

  • EPA approved
  • Meets sustainability and regulatory requirements
  • Low-cost solution 
  • Safe and proven process
  • Reuse solution with zero residues 

Thermal desorption – how it works 

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