Accurate and timely environmental data is increasingly important for our clients to run their operations safely and efficiently and to help them make decisions based on real information and quality datasets.

Ventia’s environmental monitoring, data and hydrology team combines many years of experience and expertise to provide the best possible cost effective environmental data management and reporting options.

Our solutions include both web based and in-house management, using customised data management software and tailored configurations including Vista Data Vision (VDV) to store and present data over the web.

Ventia deliver a variety of environmental data including water level, water quality, flow rate, weather and groundwater data to clients such as water authorities, government bodies, mining companies, irrigators, and land managers. We draw upon our experience and expertise to analyse and transform data into real information that can drive decision making and management for our clients. 

Specialists in hydrometric data

We supply centralised data management services that offer a full data management service for clients, including:

  • data verification and quality coding with expert data analysis
  • permanent storage and secure backup of all data
  • rating table creation, index equation creation and ongoing verification
  • digitising historic records
  • interpreting and analysis of environmental monitoring data including surface water, groundwater and weather data
  • report writing including data analysis
  • calculation of stream flows, data and measurement uncertainty
  • calculation of salt loads and associated reporting
  • analysis, interpretation and storage of water quality data
  • routine data exports to many clients in specified formats
  • support for additional applications and software packages
  • telemetered data retrieval by our research and technical solutions group
  • secure client data web reporting
  • specialised reporting and data summary services
  • staff training.
Our People

  • Rebekah Webb
    Rebekah Webb Hydrology Manager
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    With extensive experience in Hydrological Data Management, Rebekah is currently the Hydrology Manager for the Environmental Monitoring Group.

    She creates and manages rating tables for hydrometric stations and manages our Hydstra software. Rebekah is a member of the Australian Hydrographers Association.

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