Your networks need to be effectively and securely managed by a company you can trust with the know-how and technological capability to meet your needs. You want a provider that takes an integrated, whole-of-life approach. Well trained and committed operating staff are a must. And you need the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the backing of uninterrupted network management systems.

Visionstream, our telecommunications business, runs a 24/7 state-of-the-art network operations centre (NOC) that operates live networks, manages our clients’ communications networks and, most importantly, their assets and their customer relationships. Continuous operations mean we can respond to your asset and network events quickly and treat your customers’ issues consistently. We manage jobs from the first point of contact or alert through to achieving a resolution.

Our NOC is designed to monitor, diagnose, record and control a diverse range of customer networks. It is also fully equipped to manage and administer preventative, reactive and planned activities.

We monitor and troubleshoot a multitude of devices in real time including:

  • power systems
  • servers and virtual infrastructure
  • networking equipment
  • environmental sensors and
  • telecommunications infrastructure.

Our resilient facility and disaster recovery capability mean we can maximise the up-time of your networks and critical assets. The NOC has:

  • 1 primary 400mb fibre link
  • 1 secondary 100mb microwave link (75% of share prioritised for the NOC)
  • 2 x 60KVA uninterrupted power supply systems with approximately 12 hours runtime
  • 1 x 500KVA building generator with eight hours runtime.

We have disaster recovery and contingency plans in place and simulated regularly ensuring minimal service disruption. There is also a hot disaster recovery centre available.

The safety of our people – including subcontractors – is our primary concern. Our operators can see the current status of each job, vehicle movements, national weather maps and emergency services warnings at a glance. Our monitoring systems allow us to identify worker risks in real-time and manage them on-the-spot.

Our operators not only manage monitoring systems and inbound and outbound communication, they despatch the work and clear the jobs, including programed maintenance work.

The NOC currently services nine major customers across Australia, including:

  • helpdesk capability supporting Emergency Services across Victoria
  • water utilities emergency fault repair and customer service centre
  • network integrity and facilities management servicing 1.3 million assets nationwide
  • servicing fibre networks, roads maintenance, intelligent transport networks maintenance, radio communications servicing and rail maintenance across Australia.

We manage multiple 24/7 critical contracts all of which have agreed assignment, on site and restoration service level agreements in real time.

  • We use robust jeopardy management capability and fault diagnostic processes to prioritise end-to-end incident management.
  • We achieve SLA commitments, minimise business impacts and process compliance. Combining skills across asset and infrastructure management, excellent customer service, order management, performance management, work allocation and work scheduling domains,
  • The NOC gives you direct line of sight and transparency into how your assets are performing and work progress. We do performance analysis on all contracts and hold daily calls with any project where opportunities for improvement are discovered.
  • All inbound and outbound calls are recorded and quality audited to ensure learnings are shared with staff.
  • We provide ongoing technical, process and systems management training to our operations staff. We share performance reporting for all contracts with our people, these metrics are typically reflected in KPIs and performance development reviews.
  • The NOC can develop reports focused on statistical analysis and fault trends allowing for proactive actions to be taken.
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