Ventia owns and operates one of the largest plant  fleets in the Australia, with approximately 3,500 road registered assets.

We have a dedicated Group Plant Department with both corporate and regional infield functional teams. The regional plant teams work to provide the highest level of recognised support in the field. 

Our expertise in plant and equipment compliance exceeds industry standards:

  • safest, most cost-effective solution for our stakeholders
  • asset compliance with all Australian and NZ standards
  • bespoke stakeholder requirements

Our asset management system (JDE) records a detailed history of every asset including maintenance, asset financials and reporting tools:

  • we have fleet and industry memberships and are committing to improving ourselves and others through sharing learnings
  • our field-based plant teams provide in-field project support, with a centralised plant support function (administration,engineering and accounting)
  • we have won numerous safety awards across fleet and plant design/improvement such as the Australian Fleet Management Association - Fleet Safety Award 2013
  • our high minimum standards include 5 star ANCAP ratings, automatic transmissions and diesel engines pushing. This helps to drive change for the better in Light Vehicle safety for all, working closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • we have internal engineering capabilities for continuous improvement and innovation supporting current and upcoming projects across the business and sharing lessons learnt
  • our fleet standardisation approach enables quick project start-ups and allows us to redeploy assets across all projects with minimal to no modification (quick mobilisation).
  • all assets are procured under the mantra of ‘fit-for purpose at the lowest whole-of-life cost model’
  • our internal dedicated Group Plant department has a footprint across both Australia and New Zealand to support projects – industry leading plant and equipment management
  • Safety is our main focus for all assets (e.g. light vehicles, trailers)
  • Group Asset procurement and increased buying power
  • we have national preferred hire and lease agreements to benefit our clients
  • we have In Vehicle Monitoring systems (GPS tracking and reporting) in all assets, which helps promote a safe driving culture.
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