Maintaining energy assets is crucial to the reliable transmission and distribution of electricity to communities throughout Australia.

Ventia has more than a decade of experience and has successfully delivered $220 million of transmission and distribution (T&D) projects in the past two years alone. We understand the critical importance of T&D infrastructure and our work is focused on minimising downtime and optimising operational efficiencies for our clients and their customers.

This service is part of a broader offering, with Ventia partnering with some of Australia’s largest energy providers and users for the last 20 years to drive operating efficiencies, cost savings, safety and reliability, as well as assuring the ongoing value of energy assets.

What we do

With deep expertise in transmission and distribution assets, we service customers in city centres, regional and remote communities.

Ventia’s maintenance and minor capital works services support infrastructure such as poles and wires, and specialist high voltage testing works.

Our capital works and maintenance services for clients such as Energy Queensland, AusNet Services and Western Power include:

  • reconductoring, including replacement and upgrade to aerial bundled cable (ABC)
  • pole, cross arm and tie replacements
  • pole top switch maintenance and replacement.

How we do it

Our lines technicians work on live low voltage and high voltage lines up to 66kv using approved glove and barrier and stick methods.

Where our crews are required to work in de-energised environments, we hold the relevant licences to carry out low voltage and high voltage switching and to issue permits.

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