Ventia Pulse. The heart of service optimisation

Ventia Pulse is a cloud-based, digital work management platform that innovates the way we work to better  manage business workflow. It streamlines and automates how we receive, assign, dispatch and complete work orders and can intelligently optimise work scheduling to boost productivity.


Our market-leading solution features a proprietary Ventia operating model that evolves traditional process management to drive operational performance. Through a flexible and unique collection of capabilities, we shape a solution that extracts efficiencies across your complete service cycle - from your customer to your invoice.


Sophisticated automation

Ventia Pulse delivers sophisticated business process automation and unique mobile functionality via digital channel integration, incorporating service providers, field workforce personnel and deployed assets.


True integration

True integration offers end-to-end efficiencies and activity automation, via high-vis process and data transparency and near-real time operational intelligence. We can help you access deep performance insights and reporting from across the service chain to fine-tune business and asset performance.


Work transformed. Process streamlined. Service optimised.


You can look forward to:

  • better service and support through our collective focus on driving a single, digital platform, with built-in mobility and the flexibility to support a spectrum of business requirements
  • better service for your customers with improved order status transparency, superior prioritisation and resource allocation that gets the right people doing the right jobs, more efficiently
  • improved efficiencies through better system and workforce mobility, automated exception handling and scheduling optimisation, resulting in increased productivity
  • a more cost-effective, flexible resourcing model that adds value over time by simplifying project mobilisation costs and optimising workforce utilisation
  • mobile site intelligence to drive operational excellence in the field, including asset and premise information, access and route details, activated by location-aware services
  • reduced risk and safer working conditions through mandatory mobile App pre-start checks, higher visibility of workforce locations, improved scheduling of travel routes, automated alerts and escalations
  • fewer carbon emissions as a result of optimised work schedules and travel routes, ultimately reducing fuel usage and travel time
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