Our Vianet business helps our clients leverage low powered wide area (LPWA) network technologies to solve business problems. LPWA technologies extend the scope of the Internet of Things (IoT) to low-cost battery powered sensors and devices. We are leading the charge in exploring the application of LPWA technologies to asset intensive businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

By leveraging the Internet of Things – sensors / machines talking to other sensors / machines – we help our clients achieve increased productivity and better OH&S outcomes. And by using the large volumes of new sensor data as a catalyst for change, we open up new ways of working. Vianet is LPWA network technology agnostic. 

Vianet provides an end-to-end solution, combining network, product, and services into an integrated service offering that we tailor to each client.

Bringing LPWA technologies to a range of industries

For the water industry we are leveraging Vianet capability for:

  • digital metering
  • sewer monitoring
  • broader asset management that feeds into the operation of intelligent water network systems.

Working with our environmental monitoring business, we are able to reduce the cost and expand the reach of traditional monitoring solutions.

For our clients in the transport industry, Vianet is developing solutions to monitor road network assets, thereby providing information for more effective maintenance and response.

For our facilities management clients, we are deploying sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and even meeting-room occupancy.

Vianet is one of the key technology capabilities that is helping Ventia stand out as a technology-enabled services business.

The scope for the applications of Vianet are broad and we are excited to be working with clients in leveraging this emerging technology.

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