The trial of a new real-time data collection platform is set to greatly enhance how our teams capture and use data in the field, leading to increased service delivery performance for our clients.

Ventia has partnered with construction delivery solutions company, Bentley Systems to develop and trial E7 - an interactive, flexible tool that allows our field-based teams to capture and integrate higher levels of project detail and data in real-time.

This means our project leaders are now connected with real-time insights and greater levels of standardised detail, providing them unparalleled visibility of project performance, scope and schedule. 

Real-time progress capture and project performance updates

The primary focus of E7 is to enhance our ability to communicate project delivery requirements to and from the field in real time.

Information being collected and compiled in E7 equips Project Management teams with real time data points enabling informed decisions to be made quickly.

According to Ventia's General Manager Planning & Project Controls, Steven Keen, who is overseeing the trial, eliminating ad-hoc, manual processes and converting to a digital platform means project delivery metrics are being standardised, which in turn provides greater reporting certainty, accuracy and consistency.

"The collaborative platform empowers the project delivery team by providing real-time, accurate and detailed insights", he said. 

This is invaluable in the fast paced and dynamic project delivery environment, when making informed and time-sensitive decisions are critical to safely meeting milestones and cost targets.

"The benefits for our clients include real-time progress capture and project performance updates; integrated and timely communication between project participants; and accurate cost capture and budgeting," Steve said.

The technology is currently being used on Ventia's projects in the Pilbara region, where it is providing project leaders and execution teams a level of detail that is informing and enabling timely decision making.

E7 complements Ventia's core enterprise-wide Project Management systems including CATS for estimating, P6 for scheduling and SAP for financial controls.

Below are some examples of how we predict this technology will help our team enhance performance for brownfield project delivery:

Project Manager:

A Project Manager needs to know the status of a project. Often it is only at the end of a shift that they receive an update from the project team. The ability to receive field updates in real-time notifying the Project Manager of progress, delays or potential issues enables the Project Manager to make rapid and well-informed decisions, reducing risk to project delivery timelines. 

Field Engineer:

The Field Engineer is responsible for the safe and efficient delivery of projects to an agreed budget and schedule. Usually, the Field Engineer coordinates multiple activities while ensuring the project team remains productive. The ability to collaborate online with the project team via photographs, queries, alerts and notifications allows for faster feedback and more productive outcomes.

Project Controller:

A Project Controller tracks, reports and forecasts budgets, schedules and performance metrics for projects. Working remotely can cause delays in receiving and compiling project information leading to misreporting or poor forecasting. Receiving real-time progress updates provides transparency and certainty for accurate reporting and project performance.