West Gate Bridge, Melbourne

Building on the success of the incident management services we provide for Transurban on Melbourne's busy CityLink Motorway, you will now see our people extending our services by an additional 12km to include the iconic West Gate Bridge.

This section of motorway carries on average 220,000 vehicles per day, in addition to the 330,000 on CityLink, and is the main arterial road connecting Melbourne's western suburbs to the city's CBD.

To service this critical piece of road infrastructure, we will be investing heavily in the growth and expansion of our fleet and incident patroller team.

We know that traffic never stops, so neither can we. Our team will be providing prompt clearance solutions and traffic management for road hazards such as breakdowns, accidents and spills, to keep people moving efficiently and safely on one of Australia's busiest motorways.

Our focus is always on the safety of our people and the road users, whilst also ensuring a safe and efficient motorway is sustained. We work hard to make infrastructure work for our communities and will continue to help keep the people of Melbourne moving.  

Read our CityLink case study to learn more about our work with Transurban.