When you think of fine dining you may not think of Defence messes but our Hospitality & Catering teams at Woomera and RAAF Pearce recently rolled out the red carpet for Defence.

Our teams hosted two events that showcased our commitment to excellence right down to the delicately placed chocolate shavings on a delicious dessert. 

The Woomera team in South Australia hosted 27 guests from the Department of Defence, Security & Estate Group, and Ventia for two days of facility tours which included the test range and the town services. The tour culminated with a formal dinner and the team were able to put their Hospitality & Catering education to use proudly setting up a white tableclothed banquet table fit for a fine dining restaurant. 

Cheryle Irvin, EMOS Manager at Woomera said the event was an opportunity for SEG and Ventia to discuss the strategic importance of our work in a relaxed setting. 

For the Hospitality & Catering team, large events like these encourage them to deliver on challenges outside the parameters of their day-to-day work patterns.

"It reconnects them to the client and their purpose in supporting Defence," Cheryle said. 

Ingredients for the dinner were sourced locally from the South Australian region, supporting local businesses and demonstrating local capability.

Over in Western Australia, the RAAF Pearce team hosted the Officers Mess Dining In Night attended by 61 Officers from the various squadrons on base. 

Robert Morley, Hospitality & Catering Manager says:

These types of events are a highlight as it gives our chefs a chance to utilise their creative flair and showcase their abilities.

"The Defence Officers get to observe the tradition of piping in colours to honour a fallen soldier or other significant past events or members while enjoying a fine meal in their own mess" 

Some of the delicious desserts prepared by our Defence and Hospitality team.

Pictured: some of the delicious desserts prepared by our Defence and Hospitality team.

Well done to the Woomera and RAAF Pearce teams for going above and beyond!