Our VBA team recently completed intersection upgrades for Transport for NSW at the intersection of Parramatta Road and Shaftesbury Road in Concord, located in Sydney's inner west. 

These upgrades were made to help reduce congestion and improve eastbound travel times on Parramatta Road for motorists. The work involved widening Parramatta Road to construct a second right turn only lane into Shaftesbury Road, as well an additional lane on Shaftesbury Road. 

The work began in April 2020 and a large part of the work included the relocation of underground utilities and building extensive new drainage infrastructure.


A focus on community 

Leading up to and throughout the upgrade works, the project team had a strong focus on community engagement. Through various communication activities, the team made every effort to ensure the community were well informed of upcoming works and provided opportunities to give feedback. 

Construction noise was identified as a key community issue and the team implemented a suite of measures to mitigate impacts. These included refining programming of construction tasks, completing high noise activities before midnight, and using noise blanket barriers during key activities. 

A night noise monitoring program was implemented to review the effectiveness of mitigation measures and inform adjustments if needed. 

Proudly, zero complaints were received from the surrounding community or local businesses during the ten months of works. Smiling residents at the end of a long project, shows a job well done! 

VBA contract team with local Concord residents

Pictured above: VBA contract team with local Concord residents


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