RAMC team resuracing the road

At Ventia we constantly look for ways to continuously improve for the benefit of our clients and their customers. Our Road Asset Management Contract (RAMC) team in South Coast QLD demonstrated this after completing road surface retexturing in half the time typically taken.

This was not only a great outcome for road users but also delivered positive sustainability outcomes -  given the machinery was on the road less while performing the same amount of work. 

Road surface retexturing is a treatment used when bitumen has risen to the surface of the road. When this occurs it reduces traction for road users and increases the risk of an incident.

To remediate this, a small buggy, usually used to remove line marking, blasts water onto the road at an extremely high pressure to unbind the bitumen from the gravel and suck it back into a tank attached to the machine. This can be time consuming, as the current machines only cover a 600mm area.

When looking for a solution to achieve results faster, our team - who  keep a finger on the pulse when it comes to finding better ways of working - found RETEX Pavement Services and their new machine specifically designed to perform road surface retexturing across a wider area (4m). This process used the same removal and recovery mechanism as the small buggy approach, but as it covers a wider area it is more time-efficient.

Thanks to the research of our team and the implementation of this innovative process, lane availability and sustainability across the five work sites was enhanced significantly, reducing the impact on our client's customers which bolsters their reputation as a road authority that works hard to provide sustainable maintenance solutions with minimal impact to the community.