Perched high on a hill in Melbourne's east, the Doncaster water storage tank is a critical asset for Yarra Valley Water's water network. Approximately 50 years old, the tank holds a whopping 26 million litres and provides potable water to a large area of surrounding customers, as well as other storage tanks around the area.

As part of our Tank Inspection and Maintenance Contract Ventia has been working on improvement projects for client Yarra Valley Water. Last year, Ventia's engineers recommended refurbishment works be undertaken to address exterior corrosion and at the same time improve the aesthetic appearance of the tank.

The tank has an external surface area of over 2,000m2 which is currently being cleaned in preparation for the coating and refurbishment of the total external tank shell.

Ventia is currently delivering the first phase of the tank refurbishment project that includes the cleaning and preparation of the exterior roof and walls in readiness for a new protective coating. 

Multiple crews are onsite, working from large scissor-lift platforms to pressure wash off organic build-up which has accumulated over the years. 
Ventia's Project Manager, Nathan Haupt, explains: "Initial surface cleaning and preparation is crucial as it is the foundation upon which the coating will be applied. Our technicians are working hard to achieve the best outcome". 

Asked about the key considerations for the project, Nathan emphasises Yarra Valley Water's customers who, of course, are also local residents. "Our priority is to minimise any disruption and disturbance to residents throughout our works at Doncaster. By operating only during work hours and sealing off our working area the impact to surrounding customers is minimised," says Nathan, "Given it is such a prominent landmark, the local community has been very positive about the refurbishment works."

The tank prior to reburbishment commencing