Brisbane Airtrain image with of training travelling on a bridge over water

On 1 July Brisbane Airtrain achieved the milestone of 20 years without any lost time injuries since construction was completed in July 2000. Brisbane Airtrain operates the Brisbane Airport Rail Link (BARL) connecting Brisbane Airport with Brisbane City and the Gold Coast in an alliance arrangement with Broadspectrum.

Brisbane Airtrain is responsible for operating and maintaining 8.5km of elevated rail infrastructure connecting the Queensland Rail CityTrain network with the Domestic and International Stations at Brisbane Airport. Since commencing operations in 2001 the business has seen nearly 30 million passengers travel through the airport stations.

Lost time injury free rate (LTIFR) is a statistic used as a benchmark for safety performance. During the past 20 years, Airtrain, Broadspectrum and contractors working on the business have accrued more than 1,330,000 hours without an injury that required time off work.

Airtrain's Chief Executive, Chris Basche, said, The milestone represents a strong safety culture within the organisation over a 20-year period. I would like to thank all staff that have been involved with Airtrain over the past 20 years.

Airtrain's result of zero LTIFR compares with the rail industry benchmark of 6.9 LTIFR per million hours worked.

Broadspectrum's Chief Executive of Transport, Peter Richardson, said, "This is a significant achievement in the history of our involvement with Airtrain, which demonstrates the positive safety culture that the team have built during this time. My thanks go out to all of those involved in reaching this milestone."