The passion of our people in Transport for sustainability was on proud display last week, as we attended the Infrastructure Sustainability Council's ISC Connect conference. 

That passion was also noted formally, as our Western Roads Upgrade (WRU) project was recognised for achieving an 'excellent' IS Operations rating certification. 

The rating scheme is Australia and New Zealand's only comprehensive rating system for evaluating economic, social and environmental performance of infrastructure across the planning, design, construction and operational phases of infrastructure assets. 

Alex Monson, Ventia's Group Manager Sustainability presenting at the 2022 ISC Connect Conference.


More specifically the IS Operations rating we received helps assess how operating projects are performing and identify economic, social and environmental opportunities. 

Highlights of our achievements at WRU recognised in the rating are our Indigenous participation, reduction in pavement materials & innovations in the way of an EV truck, new pit sensor technologies, and trails to provide sustainable road solutions. 

Our client Transurban was awarded an 'Excellent' rating for IS Operations for the Hills M2 Motorway. 


Working together to achieve sustainable outcomes 

Our client Transurban was also awarded an 'Excellent' rating for IS Operations for the Hills M2 Motorway, with a score of 69 points - the highest Operations rating awarded to date across the industry. 

Ventia's General Manager Sustainability Alex Monson says that collaborating with clients to help them achieve sustainability outcomes is a firm commitment of ours.

"This achievement includes recognition of a 'market transformational' innovation through Ventia's driver behaviour program which combined with in-vehicle monitoring is demonstrating emissions reduction" explains Alex. 

We're very proud to have worked with Transurban to achieve this outcome.


Top image: Ventia's Alex Monson (left) and Jose Figueiredo (right) pictured with Ainsley Simpson, ISC CEO.