A key telecomunications facility was destroyed due to bushfires


The team quickly mobilised to rebuild a new equipment shelter, installing new underground power and replacing antennas attached to the tower


The entire project was sucessully completed in 4 weeks and clients are happy with the service provided.

Ventia's mantra of working together to bring the best of our business to our clients and communities was on display recently in Victoria's spectacular high country.

During the devastating 2020 summer bushfires, a key telecommunications facility on Mount Mittamatite was destroyed. Located on the highest summit in Mount Mitta Mitta Regional Park, the facility provides essential services for ESTA (Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority) and Victoria's emergency responders; so, its restoration before the oncoming bushfire season was critical. 

Whilst a stunning area of natural beauty, the summit's remote location in north-east Victoria, along with difficult wet weather conditions, meant access to the facility wasn't straightforward.

Combining expertise to deliver for client

Several Ventia business units, along with environmental consultancy Atma Environmental, combined their respective skills and mobilised a small specialist team to deliver the project safely and on time.

The environmental services team's role was to remediate the area, ensuring the site was clear of any environmental damage, and restore it to normal conditions to allow for the facility to be rebuilt quickly and safely.

According to Ventia's Site Engineer, William Taggart, the challenging project involved demolishing and removing the fire damaged structure; assessing ground conditions and the surrounding environment; and backfilling and restoring the site ready for construction of the new facility. 

Following the environmental restoration, Ventia's Telecommunications business unit quickly mobilised to restore full operational capacity. This involved the deployment and commissioning of a new equipment shelter, installing new underground power and replacing antennas attached to the tower.


Ventia's Operations Manager, Telecommunications, Dhruva Rastogi, said the entire project was completed within four weeks and will ensure that the mission critical telecommunication service can operate with greater resilience leading into the upcoming fire season.

I was extremely pleased with the professionalism and diligence shown by the teams working collaboratively to overcome logistical challenges whilst remaining COVID safe and respecting landowner requirements," he said following completion of the project.

Collaboration is one of our core values, and this project is certainly a shining example of us all working better together. 

Well done to all involved.