Woman in orange raincoat standing in front of white hybrid car with

At Ventia, with our commitment to reducing waste, conserving energy, and protecting the environment in all aspects of our operation, sustainability is a core value that guides our operations and decision-making.  

As part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, we operate a 100% hybrid fleet on our Wellington City Council facilities maintenance services, aligning with both our own and our client's, sustainability goals. 

Contract Manager Philip Orchard says the hybrid vehicles are ideal for the contract, as much of our travel is stop-start in city traffic. It is here that the hybrid vehicles, with the energy regeneration obtained during slowing and braking, give improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.  

"By utilising these vehicles, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to our client's goal of becoming a zero-carbon capital city by 2050," Philip says. 

By aligning with our client's sustainability goals and operating a 100% hybrid fleet, we are able to provide excellent facilities maintenance services while contributing to a more sustainable future for our communities.

We are excited to continue implementing innovative and sustainable practices to help create a healthier planet.