A custom-built, fully electric vehicle (EV)

Ventia and SEA Electric have delivered the first custom-built, fully electric vehicle (EV) truck for Victoria's arterial road construction and maintenance industry, on behalf of the Netflow Consortium.

A year in the making, the SEA Hino 917 EV supports the Victorian Government's position to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Ventia's Group Chief Executive Officer, Dean Banks said the company applies a client-focused, innovative and sustainable approach to essential infrastructure services and is excited to bring this approach to support the Victorian Government.

"Ventia has a strong commitment to deliver our services in a sustainable and innovative manner," said Mr Banks.

This EV innovation is an example of our commitment and how we are also addressing a key challenge facing our industry: transition of traditional heavy vehicles to more sustainable power sources.

As the Services Contractor to Netflow for the 23-year term of the Western Roads Upgrade Project (WRU), Ventia will maintain 260 kilometres of recently upgraded roads between West Melbourne and Werribee.

Instead of sourcing a diesel maintenance truck for its fleet and adding to greenhouse gas emissions, Ventia and SEA Electric developed a flexible EV that not only leads the way for future projects but is purpose-built for maintenance and landscaping work.

Compared to a diesel truck, the EV will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 11 tonnes a year. Emitting no exhaust fumes, it will also improve air quality, which is another key sustainability target.

The EV truck has already received innovation recognition from the Infrastructure Sustainability Council as a market transforming opportunity.

"Our use of transport infrastructure, such as the use of cars and trucks, currently makes up 20% of national emissions. Early uptake of innovations such as electric heavy vehicles are not only critical for helping bring down the carbon footprint associated with construction and maintenance of our assets but pave the way to scale the technology which will be critical in achieving net zero more broadly," said ISC's Chief Operating Officer, Patrick Hastings.

We congratulate Ventia, Netflow, and the Victorian Government on the use of electric heavy vehicles and are pleased that we can reward and recognise their introduction into the fleet through the IS Rating Scheme.

Mr Banks said transitioning all vehicles to more sustainable power sources, including trucks, is aligned with Ventia's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals for climate action.

"The success of our first EV truck in Ventia's fleet paves the way to introduce more EVs in our contracts across Australia and New Zealand. We hope this will encourage other companies to use EVs in their fleets too," Mr Banks said.

A custom-built, fully electric vehicle (EV) truck tipping dirt