Two people with high-vis vests holding a tablet and minerals

Ventia's innovative digital workpack solution (DigiPac®) is set to deliver promising results as it nears final stages of testing and commissioning.

Digipac® is a 'first-in-market', device-agnostic mobile solution that:

  • Supports improvements in operational efficiency and productivity
  • Relieves administrative and logistical burden from frontline leaders
  • Supports in-field leaders to dedicate more time to focusing on safety, field productivity and quality of workmanship.

Put simply, the Digipac® tool provides:

  • Intuitive and customisable forms and progress dashboards that can be accessed anywhere, whether in the field or in the office
  • A 'repository of electronic standard work-pack templates, eliminating repetitive tasks and increasing productivity by 10%.
  • An improved environmental footprint for operations, achieved by reducing use of paper and printing materials.

According to Ventia's Technical Services Manager Antonio D'Alisa, the new program is proving extremely successful, with test users confirming overwhelmingly positive results.

Across the board we're already seeing significant efficiency and productivity benefits, which ultimately leads to even greater customer satisfaction, he said.

"Results are showing real productivity improvements, with Supervisors having more time to focus on safety, field productivity and quality of workmanship.

"Through the removal of cumbersome paper-based systems, provision of real-time work-flow for reviews and approvals, and the ability to quickly and efficiently plan and reprioritise work fronts, Supervisors now have increased time-in-field as well as improved decision-making quality," Antonio said.

"By keeping our field leadership in the field and closer to their work crews we're seeing immediate benefits related to work scope management. Our frontline leadership can focus on safety, the task at hand and preparing for future works, and less time on the administrative burden, confident that they have the workpack details always available and easily accessible."

DigiPac® offers a whole lot more than simply a digitised version of the existing manual system. It's a collaborative, mobile solution enabling teams to access real-time information and maximise productive tool time, while maintaining the strict compliance required to ensure safe and high-quality work.

The opportunity to put all the information needed at the fingertips of field crews and leadership by using a digital solution is potentially a game-changer for the entire industry, Antonio said.