Congratulations to all staff at Gateway Motorway Services (GMS) for winning in the 2018 QLD Safe Work & Return to Work Awards in Category Four - 'Most significant improvement to work health and safety performance'.

The Safe Work and Return to Work Awards recognise the leaders in work health and safety or return to work, and nominations in Category Four are about acknowledging the way companies have made changes that have improved risk management, safety systems, injury prevention and/or safety culture.

Following the implementation of several key strategies, including fortnightly meetings with a transition team specifically created to improve the safety culture within the workplace, the wider team has seen an improvement in business reputation and client confidence. There has also been an accompanying increase in staff motivation and inspiration, and staff are more capable in the delivery and maintenance of a safe working environment.

GMS Service Delivery Manager Brett Simpson says a shift in culture was key to the success the team has seen.

Stakeholders were involved, engaged and consulted in the transition plan, said Brett.

"The fortnightly transition team meetings were guided by a set agenda with specific SMART objectives and actions. Less formal forums were also arranged where safety shares could be introduced, and staff took the opportunity to speak with the wider team about their learnings.

"You can never underestimate the value of an informal chat. You don't need to spend a fortune on commercial programs to get great outcomes."

A measurable result of the success of this culture change is the reduction in TRIFR (Total Reportable Injury Frequency Rate) to zero over an 18-month period.

The changes implemented by the business have also enabled them to attract new talent with new drive and everyone is now seeing the benefits of the journey the team has travelled over recent years.

GMS is the maintenance and traffic incident management service contractor for the Gateway Upgrade Project between Nudgee and Eight Mile Plains, as well as the Logan Motorway.