Tim Cannon (L), Strategic Asset Manager with Mark Gerdovic (R), Project Director.

Introducing some of our leaders who work on our City of Sydney Facilities Management (FM) contract and are responsible for all hard and soft FM services across the City's 251 facility asset portfolio.

Mark Gerdovic, who recently joined Ventia as Project Director, is responsible for service delivery and managing the relationship with the client.

Starting his career as an electrician, Mark went on to complete a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, followed by a Masters in FM. He has pursued a broad career in FM, working in service-based organisations including commercial, retail, government (local, state and federal), health, resources and Public Private Partnerships.

Mark speaks of his excitement in commencing the new contract and building a professional team to roll out the new services for the City.

"One of the most interesting elements of the contract and my role is the team development. It's been a very rewarding experience to start from the ground up and build an impressive and successful team that will uphold a positive reputation for Ventia at all times," Mark said.

A major part of my role is to unlock the potential of our people by empowering them and fostering a safe, collaborative culture so we can excel.

Joining Mark's team is Tim Cannon, Strategic Asset Manager, who oversees the development and delivery of strategic asset management, maintenance and sustainability plans for the City of Sydney property portfolio.

Tim was trained as a Building Surveyor in the UK on high value, mixed-use heritage portfolios before moving to Australia and concentrating on asset management.

Tim said he enjoys the opportunity to work across multiple teams at Ventia, from contract operations to business development and strategy with the corporate team.

I'm excited about the opportunity to manage a high profile, mixed-use heritage portfolio and set long term objectives and targets to increase building efficiency, Tim said.

"We are maintaining a full asset register for all of the City's properties, and will be providing lifecycle reports allowing them to understand the full cost of ownership and set realistic operational targets."

Keep an eye out for our new team, as over 200 staff have already started working to keep Sydney's local community facilities well maintained for everyone to enjoy.

Pictured above: Tim Cannon (L), Strategic Asset Manager with Mark Gerdovic (R), Project Director.