Ventia employee Charlotte Curran pictured in her uniform in front of a machine

For Charlotte Curran, working on a mineral drilling rig throughout Australia is a career dream come true - and one she wants to encourage other women to consider.

As a Driller's Offsider, Charlotte helps set up and operate the drilling rigs. Her average day involves assisting the Driller to undertake drilling procedures such as operating the rod handler, overlooking the core table, dissembling, and reassembling core barrels, and participating in safety meetings.

According to Charlotte, the variety and opportunity to learn on the job is a huge bonus, and a fascination in geology is the icing on the cake.

The variety this job has to offer is fantastic - there's always something new to learn and room to upskill yourself.

"What I really love though are the geological factors involved,' she explained.

'When the core is on the table, you are the first person to see this stone that has been in the ground for thousands of years.'

"And there's always the opportunity to discover hidden fossils that no one has ever seen before," Charlotte said.

Diamond drilling

Diamond drilling is of particular interest to Charlotte, and something she gets to experience in this role.

"There are so many technical components involved in the operation," she said. 

"As a Drilling Offsider, when we're diamond drilling, I am responsible for the operation of the core table, which involves pumping the core out of the barrel with high pressure water, logging and documenting the core and placing the core samples in their correct boxes to be sent to the lab for testing. 

"The core table is a vital part of diamond drilling as it helps the mine determine the quality of the ground and if it will be mined in years to come. The fact that we're involved in the future of the mine is very meaningful to me," said Charlotte.

An amazing team

"The Ventia team are an amazing team to work for and with, and there is so much valuable knowledge within the company. My team is very hardworking and dedicated and achieving our goals as a team is such a rewarding experience.

"Working with such a supportive and respectful crew makes doing the job ten times more enjoyable and worth it. 

As someone who has come from no previous drilling experience, Ventia has supported me throughout my journey, providing training and certifications to progress me to be the best person I can be.

"I would highly encourage anyone interested in starting a career in the mining industry to take the opportunity. There is so much variety, the ability to learn new skills, and such a great team of people to support you along the way," said Charlotte.

Thank you for your passion and commitment Charlotte! Ventia is lucky to have you as part of our team.

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