Kylie Prior didn't set out to have a career in safety, once she started though, she didn't look back, bringing drive, ambition and passion to every role.  

"It is critical that every person within the business sees safety as a main focus and this for me is achieved by talking, training and interacting with the team which ensures that for everyone, safety is the priority, Kylie says. 

"I have the big belief that we work to make a life for ourselves, we don't live to work. There should be a balance and the thought that someone's life could be impacted by injury or worse at work is not acceptable to me".  

Woman in yellow hi vis standing in front of white Ventia vehicle

Pictured: Kylie Prior, SHEQ Coordinator in our water business

Having started out in administration and then finance with her previous employer, it was a workplace tragedy that saw Kylie step in to support her employer in an operational role in safety and quality. That temporary role soon became permanent, and Kylie was determined to bring her absolute best to this new area.   

"I am a very driven person and taught myself the ins and outs of the occupational health and safety (OHS) and quality system," Kylie said.  

"Over the next few years, I helped to build up the OHS and quality system as well as the culture surrounding it.  

"In 2020 I decided I really enjoyed working in OHS and quality and decided to garner the qualifications to go with it. I applied for my certificate four in Workplace Health and Safety which was completed in October 2021, I then applied for a Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety through Swinburne University which I completed in March 2022. My ambition is to complete my MBA in Risk Management, hopefully this year.  

With drive like that it's clear that SHEQ Coordinator, Kylie, would be a success in whatever area she was working in. 


Blue waterway leading to the ocean with a blue sky

Pictured: Gippsland region in Victoria. For more than 25 years we worked with Gippsland Water, helping to ensure safe and reliable drinking water to the people of Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley.

On a daily basis this involves her interacting with team members to ensure they're working as safely as possible, ensuring that the business is aware of relevant laws and regulations, conducting audits, site walks and training, amongst many other things.  

I really enjoy building relationships with team members as well as clients.

"Getting out onsite and seeing how we as a team operate and complete tasks and day to day operations is interesting,' Kylie says. 

"Learning the processes and systems that individuals have developed and worked on throughout their careers is exciting to me and it provides me with the opportunity to learn something new every day. 

Ventia's SHEQ Business Manager for Water Jane Mahon said that Kylie has made a big impact with the team, particularly in helping to build knowledge, expert advice and practical solutions to ensure SHEQ compliance. 

"Kylie sets high standards and will always go out of her way to help others," Jane said. 

She is achievement driven and no matter how complex a situation might be will always see it through to the end.

"There are always challenges in health and safety and from my experience it has always depended on the people, circumstances and situations," she said. 

"Each one of these brings challenges such as personalities, culture within the contract and the vast array of tasks.  

"You're also always looking ahead to ensure you are managing for all hazards and issues that may happen now and in the future."