Team members Bastian Dwyer, Alexandra Floca and Brian Van Luyk in office setting and attire

A Visionstream team from Victoria connecting homes and businesses to high-speed broadband has stepped up to make infrastructure work for a community centre that provides valuable support to a disadvantaged area.

Land Access Manager Brian Van Luyk, Contracts Manager Alexandra Floca and Field Supervisor Bastian Dwyer met the team of volunteers at the Southern Peninsula Community Support & Information Centre (SPCSIC) in Victoria when completing nbn connection works in the area.

SPCSIC provides emergency relief and crisis support to disadvantaged individuals and families within the local community. 

The Centre's ageing communications system was impeding day-to-day operations and making connection to the nbn impossible. Due for replacement years ago, the cost was unaffordable for a volunteer organisation relying on funding and donations.

Brian, Bastian and Alexandra felt passionate about stepping up to upgrade the Centre's system to make the infrastructure work for this vital community centre.

Step up they did. With the support of Visionstream, a much-needed system update was donated and installed in a short four-month timeframe.

With access to less expensive internet and phone services, the Centre's overheads have been reduced and staff are now better able to focus their resources on helping those in need.

In a thank you letter, Volunteer Support Coordinator Miranda Gillespie wrote: "Your assistance has made a substantial difference to our operations, allowing us to provide even better services to the most vulnerable and marginalised in our community."