Encouraging children to participate in environmental play helps them understand how to take care of the Earth. After receiving a grant from Ventia, Roxby Downs Children’s Centre established a new worm and compost garden to teach children about sustainable gardening practices.

Ventia’s Tracy Reynolds (centre) being shown some of the changes to the garden at Roxby Downs Children’s Centre.

Centre Director, Melissa Watters said: “With the funding from Ventia we were able to bring learning to life and engage children in concepts like sustainability, ecosystems, science, environmental awareness, regeneration and so much more.”

The children took great delight in showing Tracy Reynolds, Ventia’s Project Director for Defence Base Services the new worm farm and compost garden they established with Ventia’s support. 

Tracy (right) enjoyed learning about Roxby Downs Children’s Centre’s outdoor play area.

“Clever, passionate kids like these really are the key to a sustainable future,” said Tracy.

It was wonderful to see a very practical example of Ventia’s mission to make infrastructure work for communities.

Tracey (centre) with staff and children at Roxby Downs Children’s Centre.

Ventia’s 2025 Community Grants program opens for applications from 1 June – 31 July. The program offers grants up to $2,000 to help community groups make a positive difference.

For more information, visit our community grants page.