Sam Leahy pictured with Belinda Farrell

We regularly find that the best solutions come from collaboration. 

Additional complexity was added to product cleaning requirements for one of our contracts in Queensland over the past 12 months, with the COVID pandemic driving more precise standards for end-user safety.

Contract Manager Belinda Farrell says that the GPS devices that are returned after being worn by our client's customers needed additional sanitation measures which required some out of the box thinking. 

"We're not cleaning a large volume of devices, which meant that a lot of the larger scale options weren't viable," Belinda says. "We needed to find a long-term solution to the challenge."

In a great example of collaboration and information sharing, Belinda reached out to her network in Ventia and a solution was proposed by Executive Assistant Carissa Creevey. 

"Carissa noted that she had a team member in our Brisbane head office, Sam Leahy, who had the skills we were looking for and the capacity to assist," Belinda says. 

Sam supports Carissa in the office, undertaking general administration, cleaning and other activities as required. He was keen to increase his skills, and both Belinda and Carissa have noted his dedication to doing a great job is clear.

"Cleaning might seem like a straightforward thing," Belinda says.

But the specialised requirements and high standards required meant that Sam is providing critical support in order to safely re-deploy devices to the field for use.

Sam was referred to Ventia via Open Minds, a leading provider of mental health and disability support services in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Open Minds enables an independent and positive future for people living with mental illness and disabilities.

"Open Minds helped Sam as he transitioned into his role with us," Belinda says.

He's been part of the team for six years now, and the way he takes on every new challenge with gusto is really inspiring.

Sam says he enjoys his role at Ventia and the support he gets from his boss, Carissa. 

"I am the king of binding," Sam says. "I'm also pretty good with laminating and creating spreadsheets.But it's been really good to add the cleaning of the GPS devices to my skill set.

I really like being busy and productive and my job at Ventia gives me that. 

Belinda notes that support from our Delron cleaning business and the health and safety team was also key to a successful outcome. 

Ventia provides a 24/7 managed electronic monitoring (EM) service for our client through this contract.

Pictured above: from left to right - Sam Leahy with Belinda Farrell in our Brisbane office.