At Ventia we use technology to enable performance and deliver service excellence, in line with our obsession with doing things better than we've done them before. But none of that is possible without the pride and passion of our people.

That's one of the things our Group Executive Digital Services Karen O'Driscoll say she enjoys most about working at Ventia.

Karen O'Driscoll joined Ventia (in the former Transfield Services business) in October 2007. Over the last 15 years she has held several roles including managing mobilisations across Australia, New Zealand and North America, to building technology strategies for Transport in the Middle East. 

The 15 years have raced past with every role bringing new challenge and opportunity. I am now thrilled to be part of an engaged and committed Enterprise Leadership team working to take Ventia forward and am excited to bring the digital strategy to life as part of our broader corporate strategy.

Karen studied Information Systems Management at university which she thoroughly enjoyed.

"IT is as much about the people as it is about the systems and technology. I am passionate about people, leadership development and building diverse teams," Karen said. 

As a leader, I've always focused on establishing great teams and developing a collaborative and supportive culture.

"Technology was also enticing for me as it offered a chance to make a real difference in organisations".

Ventia Group Executive - Digital Services Karen O

Karen said her favourite thing about Ventia is the people.  She also enjoys the fast pace, diversity, opportunities, and scale. 

My favourite thing about Ventia is the people, they are amazing!

While the environment can be challenging Karen also finds it very motivating, and she learns something new every day. 

Karen said she has been very fortunate to have had great leaders and mentors to work with over the past 20 years. 

"Some of the best advice they have given me is to 'always stand in other people's shoes', 'embrace every opportunity', and most importantly, 'be authentic'."


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