Estate Maintenance and Operational Services (EMOS) Manager, Chris Stewart pictured with his son

The physical and mental wellbeing of our employees is integral to our philosophy one of putting safety and health above all else. Ventia's Healthy Bodies program is focused on maintaining and improving the physical wellbeing of our employees. 

Supported by our SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) community the program comprises a range of health and wellbeing initiatives and provides early intervention injury management services to our employees and contractors. 

Estate Maintenance and Operational Services (EMOS) Manager, Chris Stewart became aware of the program during a regional manager's meeting. 

"Our SHEQ representative discussed what programs Ventia has in place to support our workers both mentally and physically."

Chris says he jumped at the opportunity to have four physiotherapy appointments to help correct his posture and the pain and discomfort he was experiencing. 

After a good discussion with my SHEQ Advisor, I had the confidence to take advantage of the program knowing that the program was directly aimed at my good health and wellbeing."

The Healthy Bodies program provides immediate no-cost medical assistance for Ventia employees and contractors via a phone helpline provided by our workplace medical treatment partner.

Chris says that he received continual support from both his SHEQ advisor and our medical specialists. 

"I have had weekly conversations with my SHEQ Advisor to discuss what my thoughts were to date as well as if I needed help with any part of the program." 

"I've met with medical professionals who have assessed my posture and flexibility and together we've implemented a daily routine of stretching and exercises to remove the discomfort." 

Chris says that the program has been easy to follow and effective in managing his discomfort. 

"The program that has been put in place is easy to implement and consistently follow," he says. "My discomfort has disappeared and sitting for medium lengths of time is no longer an issue for me." 

Overall, Chris says the experience has been very engaging, and he's pleased with the long-term positive outcomes. 

Having a program aimed directly at employee wellbeing has not only given me a physical advantage in the workplace, but it has also further enriched my positive attitude knowing that Ventia has my best health in mind.

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