Broadspectrum and the Mornington Peninsula Shire recently hosted students from Balcombe Grammar as they participated in a Mindshop Excellence Program.

The structured five-day work experience program held from 12 September, was designed to equip the young students with valuable skills transferrable to any industry.

The program included the students working as a team on a project that required desktop research and then presenting their recommendations to staff and career teachers on the final day.

The Mindshop Excellence Program is facilitated to enable the students to access the tools and resources necessary to effectively fulfil the task while exposing them to a typical working environment.

The students were also treated to a tour of the site as well as the opportunities Broadspectrum can provide in the future to help transition young people from school into the work environment through activities such as work experience, apprenticeships and school-based apprenticeships.

Following on from this program, Broadspectrum will continue to work with the Mindshop Excellence team and local schools in the region to further enhance engagement of young people onto the Mornington Peninsula Shire contract.

Contract Manager for the Mornington Peninsula Shire contract, John Parisella, said: "The task challenges the students to think outside the box, as well as work in a team efficiently to come up with fresh ideas which we can then implement in our business. The Mindshop Excellence Program is a fantastic opportunity for the students to gain some real-life work experience in a local industry allowing them to come up with industry-based solutions that can have a positive impact in the community."

Broadspectrum has a 15-year relationship with the Mornington Peninsula Shire in Victoria, Australia, providing sustainable infrastructure maintenance services to the region.