Undertaking their final year of university at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic meant Erin Kenny (they/them) was well prepared for online working when they joined Ventia's Graduate Program at the start of 2021. 

'Although I didn't get to go to site during my first rotation, I was able to learn the fundamentals of project management as I was working with a very supportive team,' Erin says.

Coordinating safety documentation for subcontractors on a project was probably not what Erin had in mind when they began their degree in Maths and Engineering (Mechanical and Aerospace) but their passion for sustainability was engaged. 

'I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid,' Erin says.

But as I've gotten older, I've developed a keen interest in Sustainability and particularly in what we can do in the energy space.

Erin's second rotation was on our Rig and Well Services business in Queensland which gave them exposure to the Resources business, and they were able to visit site and see up close how things work. 


Pictured above: 2021 Graduate Erin Kenny on site for our Rig and Well Services business and top image inspecting solar roof panels. 

'It was great to be able to work under the supervision of one of the operations managers,' Erin says. 'He spent time showing me how the well servicing contract operates and gave me my own projects to manage.'

Erin says their engineering background positions them well to contribute to solutions to our climate change crisis. Erin is building on their degree with online learning, and recently completed a course on solar power through the Technical University of Denmark and another on other renewable energy sources. 

Erin began their final rotation in our Defence & Social Infrastructure business this year and is excited to be working with the team on opportunities to support clients with energy efficiency improvements around generation, storage, efficiency and enablement.

Erin believes the breadth of experience they will gain during the two-year Graduate Program will be invaluable exposure to different work environments. 

My education, my passion and now the experience I am getting here at Ventia has really helped me see how I can make a difference with my career path.


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