Ventia teams working together

In a prime example of 'making infrastructure work for our communities', two separate Ventia businesses converged to keep the water on and the roads humming for residents in the Sydney suburb of Punchbowl.

When a burst main occurred recently, members of our Sydney Water team were called out to assist with the repair of the 500mm diameter water supply pipe. 

On hand throughout the night our crews worked with Sydney Water to restore water supply for the early morning demand period, when most people are getting out of bed, showering and putting on the coffee machine.

Experienced in pressure reducing valves on water networks, Ventia's crews monitored and adjusted the mains pressure while water was reintroduced into the system.

But the work didn't end there. Members of the Ventia Boral Amey team from the SMC South Zone, were working in parallel behind the scenes to organise the reinstatement of the road and get customers moving in time for the morning peak hour rush. 

This seemingly simple task required a flurry of activity late into the night by a pre-works engineer, supervisors and supply chain partners who lined up: crews to work at short notice, 'dial before you dig' information, non-destructive testing vehicles, excavators, permits, materials, asphalt equipment, traffic management and more!

Often working behind the scenes, many Australians are unaware of how Ventia impacts their lives and community. Our diverse businesses construct, repair, maintain, operate, monitor, remediate and clean around the clock.

A digger in Punchbowl