In 2020, Ventia and Broadspectrum became one company under the Ventia brand and together, a combined reconcilation journey.

View our updated 2023-2026 Reconciliation Action Plan here

View our previous combined Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan here

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At Ventia, we believe we can make a meaningful contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities by creating social, employment and business opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

With the launch of our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), we're taking an important step forward in delivering on that commitment.  

In the words of Reconciliation Australia, reconciliation is about "strengthening relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples, for the benefit of all Australians".

The RAP outlines how Ventia plans to contribute to this process - recognising and building on the good work already being done in many parts of our business. 

Over the next 12 months, we will be focusing on increasing our cultural and historical awareness and building our relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations.  We will also continue to partner with our clients to ensure we're providing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation on individual projects.    

We're looking forward to playing our part to help advance Australia's ongoing journey towards reconciliation.   

Alongside our commitment to reconciliation in Australia, we also recognise and celebrate the Indigenous heritage and culture of New Zealand's first peoples, where our teams engage with local iwi and communities across the country.

Pictured: The launch event for Ventia's Reconciliation Action Plan was catered by a local indigenous supplier.

Top image: Members of our First Peoples Working Group - Karen Lewis-Underhill, Alison Coffey, Gregory Lozat, Harry Thorne, Donny Yap and Sarah McCarthy.