When your day job involves ensuring the timely maintenance of critical equipment and infrastructure that clients rely on to provide 24-7 services to local communities, it is easy to feel a sense of pride in delivering quality outcomes. 

Jessica Quinones Farfan is the Project Coordinator for our facilities management contract at the Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) in Sydney's north. 

Jessica says one of the things she enjoys most about her role is the opportunity to learn what goes on behind the scenes at a large hospital like the RNSH. 

"I like to visit as many parts of the site as I can, to learn how the hospital operates," Jessica says. "I think that helps me better understand what the client's needs are when a job comes through for scheduling."

Every month, around 1200 jobs come through Jessica to be assigned. Working in a hospital also means that jobs are often urgent and competing priorities need to be managed.  

One asset that's valuable in the maintenance process is the HEPACART®. This piece of equipment makes substantial improvements in containment and infection control in high-risk environments without compromising on essential safety protocols.

With only seven units currently in use in Australia, the HEPACART® enhances our ability to conduct important maintenance services in clinical locations of the hospital such as operating theatres, patient wards and emergency wards. 

Jessica says that in addition to the innovative technology we use on the project, the interaction she has with a wide variety of people across a dynamic site keeps things interesting. 

With a background in project control, Jessica plans to work her way up to project manager and has started looking at getting her certification. 

"I like working for strong, well-known brands with a good reputation," Jessica says. "I am also really enjoying the opportunity to learn so much about critical infrastructure and how it's maintained."

The Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) and Community Health Services project is one of the largest and most complex healthcare Public Private Partnerships (PPP) undertaken in New South Wales.

We commenced the operations of our 28-year contract in October 2008 as part of the Infrashore consortium, providing core facilities, engineering and maintenance services to more than 217,000m2 of hospital space.

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