Melissa Trute holding her son

4.4 million Australians live with disability and many of those have full time carers. Ventia recognises that it is not only those who live with disability that need support, but also these carers.

Melissa Trute, National Manager Digital Enablement for our Defence contract is the carer of a child with disabilities. 

Melissa says, "All families are faced with busy schedules, however being a primary carer for a child with disabilities and working full time just adds extra complexity to an already challenged family dynamic. There is the before and after school routine, shifting care arrangements, medical appointments and social commitments - all that is needed so my child thrives". 

Ventia has been amazing with their understanding and support, giving me flexibility to ensure I'm there for my family when they need me.

'Not only that, but I'm also often asked by my management team and colleagues how things are going which tells me I'm surrounded by people who truly care about me and my family,' she explains.

Connecting the dots

"Before my son was diagnosed, I didn't have a close bond with him, which as a Mum, made me feel guilty and ashamed," she says, "I didn't understand why he was so different and why nothing seemed to work. The diagnosis, while a shock at first, connected so many dots for me that I started a journey to educate myself on his condition - to learn what life was like through his eyes.'  

"Four years on and I'm proud to say my son and I are extremely close - I 'get' him now as he likes to say. Through my journey of discovery, I found myself in awe of how wonderful his mind is. How he sees the world so differently and how that is now enriching my life and opening up my mind. I am a very lucky Mum indeed."

International Day of People with Disability

Each year on 3 December International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) is recognised globally. The day aims to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability and celebrate their achievements and contributions.

When asked about what International Day of People with Disability means to her, Melissa says as a mum, she often worries about her children and what the future holds for them. "Working for a company that not only supports families with special needs children, but who also actively employs people with disabilities, provides an enormous sense of relief".  

I live for the day when disability is no longer considered as an obstacle to overcome and is instead seen as an opportunity to connect with some truly remarkable people - we just need to readjust the way we look at life.  


Top image: Melissa Trute with her son