Ventia NZ women

Ventia women from across our business came together in Auckland and Wellington to connect, collaborate and celebrate as part of our Women@Ventia networking program. 

We had a wonderful turnout of up to 80 women in Auckland and close to 30 in Wellington, including field staff and operational crews, office staff and some of our most senior female leaders.

Together the women engaged in a korero (conversation) and delicious kai (food) and felt energised and inspired to be amongst such passionate and talented Ventia wahine (women).

In Auckland, our Auckland Council team closed the event with a karakia (prayer) and heart-warming waiata (song) leaving their colleagues with a feeling of togetherness and excitement to be a part of Ventia.

What our women said

'Loved being a part of this amazing korero and meeting some awesome wahine toa from across the business and even Australia. I hope to get to do this again, making connections with your colleagues is so important."

Acacia Dawn Cochise, Community Engagement Manager, Auckland Council contract

What a wonderful event, on such a beautiful day!

'The Auckland Ventia woman's networking event was much needed after such a long time working from home or in small work bubbles. It was heart-warming to see people who would usually be quite reserved, come out of their shell and have a great time. Can't wait for the next one!'

Natalie Martin - Business Development Manager, Transport, New Zealand

"The event was great. It was good to meet so many other women who work for Ventia, including female leaders from Australia, with the opportunity to put a name to a face.

Judy Pratt Service Delivery Manager, Defense and Social Infrastructure

"Great initiative, so good catching up with others from the past.'

Karen Boyes - Project Director Electricity & Gas Northern Region, New Zealand

"What a way to spend the afternoon, getting together on a sunny day with a fantastic group of people for good chats, laughs, food and beautiful waiata.'

Belinda Ryan - Proposals Manager, Bids and Proposals New Zealand 

'Good company, great food and I am honored to be part of this team. I thank each and every one for making this event happen.'

Sharlane Birch - Public Facilities Cleaner

It was a chance to meet women from different parts of the business and to find out the different roles there are to be inspired by. 

"Thanks so much for the organising this event for us, for the perfect day sunny weather, good company and great venue."

Cindy Willoughby - F&A Administrator

Supporting our female workforce 

"Being able to spend time and talk to such an amazing team of talented and engaged women was a real pleasure,' says Charmaine Higgins, Group Executive - People & Capability.  

'The sunny Auckland weather made the day even better!"

Events like these are an important way to build deep connection to, and understanding of our female workforce, supporting our commitment to increasing female participation across all levels of our business.


At Ventia, we understand that an enhanced focus on diversity and inclusion creates a wider talent pool, innovative thinking, better performance, new perspectives and reduces staff turnover. 

We are aligned to the HESTA 40:40 Vision, an investor and business-led initiative to achieve gender balance in executive leadership by 2030. 40:40 stands for 40% women, 40% men and 20% any gender. 

Our strategy of 'attract more, develop more and keep more' creates pathways, accelerates opportunity and promotes a culture of inclusiveness and diversity across our workforce. 

State-based, national and function-based networking opportunities are set up to improve engagement amongst our female employees and provide opportunities for them to build and strengthen networks with their peers.

Ventia women outdoors networking