When damaging storms pass through a community, attention is focused on that community for the duration of the storm. However, our teams across New Zealand know that the impact of those storms lasts a lot longer than the media coverage. 

One year on from the major storms our communities experienced in early 2023, we’d like to acknowledge the mahi our communities, clients, subcontractors and teams have been doing to slowly piece Aotearoa back together again.

From repairing broken roads, to clearing slips up to 120 metres long and fixing telecommunications lines and downed power poles, following major storms our teams have been working hard to reconnect our communities. They have been face-to-face with the adversity and havoc that cyclone Gabrielle and the Anniversary floods created when they ravaged the North Island last year.

Damian Pedreschi, Executive General Manager New Zealand, expressed his belief that our responsiveness to clients and communities during these trying times and over the past year will serve as an example of where our strategy to redefine service excellence shines.

“Ventia's role in maintaining critical infrastructure during such extreme events, and getting things back up and running afterwards, has been widely recognised and appreciated," says Damian.  

When emergency and crisis occur, everyone in our team had to rise to the challenge. Our teams stood shoulder to shoulder with our clients, other contractors and the community to make sure everything that could be done was done, to ensure our communities were safe, reconnected and working well again. A lot of this work can go unseen. 

"I am profoundly grateful to the whole Ventia team and to everyone who responded when Aotearoa needed us and their ongoing efforts in the past year have been instrumental in getting Aotearoa moving again and back on track.”

Māori Whakatauki (proverb) Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi. This whakatauki talks to communities collaborating, and it acknowledges everyone’s contributions, as we all work and progress together, to flourish.