Mitch Parkes in a podcast booth

Mitchell Pakes, our Regional Manager, Rescue Firefighting at Ventia caught up with Defence Connect's Liam Garman for their podcast, recorded at Land Forces 2022. 

Mitchell speaks about the role of innovation at Ventia and how employees are all encouraged to innovate in the workplace. The award-winning firefighting breathing apparatus was the clever idea of one Ventia firefighter. His idea was supported at all levels, significantly improving safety outcomes and then adopted nationwide. The apparatus was recognised at the 2022 Australian Defence Industry Awards. Read more about the award here

Mitchell and Liam then discuss sustainability, a topic that is very important to Mitch and Ventia, and the different ways the firefighting team are improving their footprint and their future plans for better sustainability outcomes. 

It's easy for me to talk about innovation and sustainability, and we can show people the glossy brochures - but when I can actually show people the outcomes and what we have achieved - that's what makes me really proud.

Listen to the podcast here:
SPOTLIGHT: Revolutionising defence estate capabilities, with Ventia's Mitchell Pakes - Defence Connect