Creativity is a catalyst for innovation

World Creativity and Innovation Day is a UN initiative that offers a tip of the hat to creative thinking and its ability to examine a problem through a different lens. In fact, creativity is a universal skill, it doesn’t need the latest tech trend or team of scientists to make it happen, all it takes is a mind with an inkling that something can be done better, paired with a curiosity to make it so. 


Starting small takes courage 

With so many ideas borne out of humble beginnings, it takes courage to take a small idea and dream of making it big. Since 2023, Ventia has encouraged just that, where almost 100 submissions have been made by individuals and teams who are ready to pitch their idea in front of our executive team, board and colleagues. 

Since 2023, Ventia has encouraged our people to bring forth their good ideas at our popular innovation events.

35,000 ideas and counting 

It could be assumed that with a workforce of 35,000 people spread across Australia and New Zealand, our ability to truly harness innovation, regardless of “role or rank”, could be cumbersome, if not complex. Yet to the contrary, our strength is grounded within this genuine diversity of thought, where much effort is made to ensure that innovation is not hindered by hierarchy or rolls of red tape.

Thinking big  

This authentic “give it a red-hot go” approach to innovation has seen some of Ventia’s best and brightest have the courage to take their small idea and turn it into something big. 

To provide insight into why we are so passionate about igniting innovation from within, follow as we share some of our latest and greatest innovation stories in the weeks to come.

Mobilisation Director Meredith Talbot had a good idea to reduce our carbon footprint with a simple circular economy model.

Weaving sustainability into Ventia’s fabric

Our modern business environment presents unique challenges and opportunities in sustainability, particularly in how we as organisations manage our waste and promote recycling.

Mobilisation Director, Meredith Talbot encountered a personal and professional dilemma with the disposal of corporate branded clothing. As a sustainability advocate through many years, she recognised the ecological impact of such waste, given that clothing can take up to 40 years to decompose in landfills.

Clothing can take up to 40 years to decompose in landfills. How do we recycle our branded apparel in a sustainable way?

Inspired by the circular economy model she had observed at her children's school's second-hand clothing store, Meredith identified an opportunity to implement a similar system within Ventia to promote the recycling and reuse of branded, corporate apparel.

Read about Meredith’s innovation here.