News - Ventia secures 20th large-scale gasworks project
26 February 2020 Read in 2 minutes

Ventia secures 20th large-scale gasworks project

Key highlights
  • Ventia's Environmental Services team has secured its 20th large-scale gasworks project in 30 years
  • The contract award comes after the team submitted an innovative solution to Jemena’s remediation project
  • Contaminated soil will be treated at the Suez Ventia contaminated soil processing facility.

Wollongong stock image
Wollongong coastline (stock image)

An innovative solution as well as extensive experience remediating former gasworks sites were key to Jemena’s recent decision to award Ventia Environmental Services the contract to remediate the Wollongong Gasworks.

Located in the heart of the coastal city, the former gasworks operated between 1883 and 1977 leaving legacy contaminants and underground infrastructure across the site. Ventia’s remediation team has been engaged to design, procure and deliver the works required to remediate the 16,000m2 site for future shop-top housing (ground floor commercial with residential above).

At the crux of Ventia’s appointment for the project was our proposal of a solution that displayed ‘out of the box’ thinking. Our Environmental Services team proposed a ‘bespoke’ solution that minimised constraints and maximised the development potential of the site for our client Jemena.

Design engineering, using advanced software packages, was used to design the remediation support infrastructure that will be used to protect the community and businesses located adjacent to the site.

The project involves the excavation and removal of soil contaminated with gasworks waste and tar and the removal of redundant underground infrastructure associated with the former gasworks.

Contaminated soil will be sent to the Suez Ventia contaminated soil processing facility for thermal treatment. Following treatment, the contaminated waste materials will be converted into clean fill that can be beneficially re-used.

The Environmental Services team is currently preparing to mobilise to site and the project will take approximately 13 months to complete.

Project Delivery Team
Members of the Project Delivery Team pictured from left to right: Patrick Finlay, Sam Harwood and Jack Nugent