News - Three-year national Telstra Wideband Contract
29 July 2016 Read in 1 minute

Three-year national Telstra Wideband Contract

Key highlights
  • Visionstream awarded an extension to deliver Wideband Services valued at $250m for Telstra
  • Visionstream will deliver program management, design, construction /and integration of networks
  • Work supports Telstra’s suite of voice, data and IP products across Australia

Visionstream has been awarded an extension to its contract with Telstra for the delivery of Wideband Services across Australia. 

The new contract will generate revenue of approximately $250 million during the initial three year term and includes all program management, design, construction and integration of networks supporting Telstra’s suite of voice, data and IP products across Australia. The existing contract concludes at the end of July, with the new contract commencing in August 2016. 

Visionstream has a long standing successful relationship with Telstra, which dates back to Visionstream’s establishment in 1996. 

“We have a strong relationship with Telstra and we are delighted to extend our partnership with this agreement. The new agreement is a validation of our experience in delivering Wideband Services for Telstra,” Visionstream CEO Richard Kelleway said. 

“We look forward to another successful program of works to deliver these ongoing and essential services for Telstra’s wholesale and retail customers.”