Fiskville, Victoria

The environmental rehabilitation of the former Country Fire Authority (CFA) Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre located at Fiskville has been awarded to Ventia. Ventia looks forward to working closely with a range of stakeholders over the next year and a half during the delivery. 

Historical fire-fighting training activities at the site involved the use of aqueous film forming foam (AFFF), which is now known to be a source of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) impacts in soil and water at similar sites across the world.  

Rehabilitation of the Fiskville site represents one of the most significant PFAS rehabilitation projects to be undertaken in Australia to date and will help inform the management of these compounds at other sites around the country.

Ventia's scope of works includes:

  • Treatment of PFAS impacted water
  • Installation of geosynthetics for impacted soil management 
  • Excavation and handling of impacted soils, including PFAS and asbestos impacted materials
  • Reestablishment of the native landscape
  • Management and protection of known heritage features of the site including the avenue of honour and former powerhouse 
  • Decommissioning of redundant underground infrastructure
  • Extensive environmental and occupational hygiene management controls.

In awarding the contract to Ventia, the CFA complimented the Environmental Services team on their methodical, detailed and robust approach to deliver the works and risk mitigations included in the delivery of the works. 

Ventia Utility Services Executive General Manager, Gordon Taylor said, "Following on from the successful decommissioning of the practical area drill (PAD) facility, we are pleased to continue our strong working relationship with the CFA.  Our Ventia team is focused on completing the project safely and with certainty, whilst respecting the history and emotional sentimentality of the site".