Our emergency services, roadside assist and roadside workers risk their lives every day to help keep us safe on the roads. 

Optimum motorway network performance underpins a safer road environment for all users. Brisbane Motorway Services (BMS) in collaboration with Queensland Police Service has an operating business model that helps to ensure the road network operates at its optimum level, referred to as Safe Lane Availability, to help keep all road users safe. 

The restoration of a carriageway after a traffic incident, needs to be completed as quickly and safely as practical. This reduces the likelihood of secondary incidents occurring and reduces frustrating operating conditions for all road users.  Additionally many minor road crash victims leave their vehicles in situ and are often reluctant to clear the scene or even start exchanging details. Unless there are injuries requiring an ambulance, a minor road crash can be cleared quickly and conciliated between parties without the need for emergency services to attend the scene.   

And that's where our BMS team comes in. BMS's Motorway Response Officers (MRO) are often the first responders to attend traffic incidents along the motorway. MRO's have been trained in managing minor motor vehicle collisions without the need for emergency service referral. BMS helps to facilitate the key details in compliance with local traffic laws amongst all parties, including gathering witnesses and witness statements, arranging recovery tows of damaged vehicles, escalating damaged infrastructure repairs and even helping with the acquisition of independent third party evidence gathering, such as photographs.  


These actions by BMS help support the incident being resolved effectively and quickly, and reduces the likelihood of secondary incidents. Adopting a hands-on approach and facilitating order at the scene helps restore the networks quickly and reduces the overall exposure time of motorists and vulnerable road users to the incident.  

By risking their lives every day, our BMS team helps keep us all safe on the roads. And it makes it all the more satisfying when our community supports our efforts. 


'Hi. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Paul for his help today. My two daughters and their friend were involved in a car accident on the Logan Motorway whereby the driver that hit them fled the scene and they didn't know what to do and Paul took care of them. As a mother, getting a phone call from your children to say they have been in an accident, and not being able to get to them immediately, is awful so having Paul there to take care of them was just amazing. I'm so very grateful to him and can't thank him enough for his kindness and support.'  - Road user, January 2021 


National Road Safety Week 

At Ventia we are committed to ensuring safe driving and vehicle safety to protect our people, our communities and all those who are vulnerable on the road. For National Road Safety Week (16-23 May in Australia and 17-23 May in New Zealand) we choose to raise awareness of the negative impact of road trauma and share ways to reduce it. Read more about our approad to road safety here.