People sitting around tables attending a forum

With a promise of safety and health above all else, ensuring our people, including subcontractors, are well informed about safety is an obligation we take seriously at Ventia. 

Our Western Roads Upgrade team, along with Netflow brought together thirty subcontractors to participate in a highly interactive safety forum.     

The forum was hosted by the contract leaders and included insightful safety discussions, solutions-driven workshops and industry-related innovation updates. 'Beyond Compliance' was the theme of the forum, which aspired to broaden the approach to safety and health beyond accreditation requirements. 

The forum served to create an awareness and open discussion on what steps need to be implemented to ensure that our employees, the public and all those involved go home safely after every shift, because at Ventia, safety is always our number one priority.  


Group photo of the people attending the safety forum

The forum served to create an awareness and discussion on what is needed to ensure everyone goes home safely after every shift.


The two key topics for the day were complacency and the unexpected, because you should always expect the unexpected.  High-level commitments were made to safety, with the use of a SMART plan approach. The group also held round table discussions about the issues we face, and we distributed our Better Way ideas booklet.  

This forum is the first in a series of workshops to focus on Culture, Risk and Planning, Client Relationships and Workforce Safety.  We look forward to seeing the outcomes from the day, and to running further sessions. 

Thank you to all our subcontractors, clients and partners for their contribution to the day.